Canadian SciTech College

Electrician Construction and Maintenance (309A)


* This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005


Preparing to write the Certification of Qualification exam 309A?


What Does a Construction & Maintenance Electrician Do?


A Construction & Maintenance Electrician (309A) lays out, assembles, repairs, maintains, connects and tests electrical fixtures, apparatus, control equipment and wiring in just about every kind of residential and commercial building you can imagine.


Job -Related Skills, Interests and Values:


● reading and interpreting drawings and electrical code specifications

● splicing and connecting wire to fixtures and components to form circuits

● testing and troubleshooting circuits to ensure that systems operate safely

● pulling wire through conduits and through holes in walls and floors

● communicating effectively as a member of a team with supervisors and other skilled tradespeople

● working on a variety of different projects and tasks


The course offers a review of the following topics:


● Conductors

● Raceway and Wiring Device

● Transformer and Power Distribution

● Tools and Practical information

● Motor and Controls

● Power Load Calculation

● Lighting and Receptacle Installation

● Fire Alarm and Emergency Power

● Basic Trade Practices

● Circuit Loading and Demand

● Grounding and Bonding

● Motor and Motor Controls

● Test Preparation

– Basic to Intermediate Job Skills Distribution and Services, Wiring Methods

– Metric Units, Symbols, Conversion Factors

– Installation of Power Generation, Standby

– Heating Systems (Fixed and Surface)

– Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Replacement and/or Repair of Devices and Components

– Alarms and Signaling Systems

– UPS Systems, Emergency Systems

– Controls and Automation Systems

– Interpreting Schematics, Blueprints


Registration is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. This course is recommended for persons with related experience.


What’s Your Future as a Construction & Maintenance Electrician?


Most workers employed as Construction & Maintenance Electricians work full-time, sometimes seasonally or on a project-by-project basis, or can be self-employed. There is always a risk of injury on the job as you are working with electricity and sometimes on construction sites. Potential employers include:


● Residential and Commercial builders

● Electrical sub-contractors

● Self-employment


The trend in the last decade, as with many trades, is toward the use of ‘smart’ technology. Electricians must keep up with advances by learning about and operating computer-controlled equipment and by learning to deal with fibre optics, local area networks and coaxial cable.


Wage Rate:


● you start at a wage rate that is less than that of a journeyperson Construction & Maintenance Electrician

● this rate increases gradually as you acquire skills and gain competency

● the journeyperson’s wage rate varies in the range of $23.00 to $40.00 per hour depending on what geographic area you live in, and may offer benefits and the opportunities for overtime