Canadian SciTech College

Industrial Mechanic Millwright (433A)


* This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005


Preparing to attend the Certification of Qualification exam 433A?


What does an Industrial Mechanic Millwright Do?


Industrial Mechanic Millwrights (433A) maintain and repair stationary industrial machinery, mechanical equipment and automated and robotic systems. Industrial Mechanic Millwrights are most often involved with installing, maintaining repairing and removing machinery and equipment in industrial plants and factories.


Job Related Skills, Interests and Values:


● reading diagrams and schematic drawings to determine work procedures

● maintain and repair stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment

● operating hoisting and lifting devices as necessary during the repair of machinery

● working independently and with others to solve mechanical and technical problems

● communicating , persuading, and explaining to others what needs to be done

● working accurately with numbers, and on occasion doing basic drawings of machine parts

● cleaning, lubricating and performing other routine maintenance work on machinery

● using welding equipment, hand and power tools as necessary


The course offers a review of the following topics:


● Safety and Trade Science

● Technical Drawing

● Fasteners, Threads, Lubrication

● Rigging, Lifting, Shafts and Attachments

● Bearings, Drive Belts

● Installation, Levelling and Alignment

● Metallurgy, Metal Cutting Process

● Chain and Friction Bearings

● Pumps and Seals

● Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

● Prime Movers, Material Handling

● Ventilation, pollution Control

● WHMIS Review


Registration is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. This course is recommended for persons with related experience.


What’s Your Future as an Industrial Mechanic Millwright ?


Most workers in this trade work full-time, sometimes in shift work, most often indoors at industrial plants or in commercial buildings. Industries in Southern Ontario that employ Industrial Mechanic Millwrights include:


● primary steel producers

● motor vehicle manufacturers

● machinery and equipment manufacturers

● mining companies


Wage Rate:


● As an apprentice, you would start at a wage less less than that of a journeyperson

● This rate gradually increases as you gain competency and skill

● Fully qualified Industrial Mechanic/Millwrights can earn anywhere from $19.00/hr to $30.00 per hour, with benefits and opportunities for overtime as well