Canadian SciTech College

Web Design


* This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005


The web design process starts with a visual concept, which you could sketch by hand or with software like Photoshop. Then, you use HTML and CSS to build the website. HTML and CSS are the codes for writing web pages. HTML handles the basic structure and ‘bones’ of your page, while CSS handles the style and appearance.


Responsive design is a popular technique for making websites look good and function well on additional devices, like phones and tablets. It does this by setting different CSS rules for different browser widths.


Aesthetics plays a big role in web design, since it’s all about how web pages look. You’ve probably seen a lot of websites that look shocking. Learn a bit of aesthetic theory and hopefully your website won’t be one of them!


Usability is another important component of web design. This is all about how intuitive a website is, and how easy it is for users to find or do what they want.


Finally, there’s accessibility – a very important web design practice. Accessibility is all about making web pages viewable by people that use assistive devices to browse the web – including the deaf and blind.


Front-end web development



● JavaScript

● JQuery

● Bootstrap


Back-end web development









Main duties


● Consult with clients to develop and document Web site requirements

● Prepare mock-ups and storyboards

● Develop Web site architecture and determine hardware and software requirements

● Source, select and organize information for inclusion and design the appearance, layout and flow of the Web site

● Create and optimize content for the Web site using a variety of graphics, database, animation and other software

● Plan, design, write, modify, integrate and test Web site related code

● Conduct tests and perform security and quality controls

● May lead and co-ordinate multidisciplinary teams to develop Web site graphics, content, capacity and interactivity

● May research and evaluate a variety of interactive media software products.